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Theatrical Production coming to Chicago

All are invited to this unique performance titled "My Mother's Sin", written by Greek author and playwright G.Vizyenos, directed by Rena Kyprioti, produced by Danae Roussou and Eirini Vourlakou are coming to Chicago, for a single performance in English, which will be performing at the University of Illinois Theater (1044 W. Harrison St., Chicago Illinois, 60607) on Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m.

The highly successful tour which included Boston, New Jersey, New York and Tampa, sadly comes to an end in Chicago on December 5th. The play has received enthusiastic reviews from audiences at Harvard, Yale and Columbia University.

In attendance will be the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Greek National Tourism Organization, Greek Consulates around the United States, including the Consulate General of Greece in Chicago.

Members of the Greek Community, as well as American friends interested in modern Greek art and culture are all invited to attend. Attendance is free.

About the Play

An on-stage confession, two outstanding performers Kostas Yannakopoulos and Rena Kyprioti, perform Vizyinos' poetic text works "My Mother's Sin". Based on the homonym ethnographic and psychological novel by Georgios Vizyinos; the story narrates the vain attempt of the author’s mother in order to save her little daughter from dying.

Her guilt leads her to consecutive adaptations of two young girls and to the neglecting of her three sons. Even when her sons become adults, they cannot comprehend their mother’s misplaced obsession. Only when her second son returns from Germany (the alter ego of Georgios Vizyinos), the mother confesses her tragic secret.

“The writer seeks for his mother’s mutual understanding and forgiveness. It is about a confession that becomes a public speech, instead of being hermetic and personal. It is a speech that overcomes the simple depiction of ethic and moral codes and becomes an expression of salvation and spiritual harmony” (Dimos Avdeliodis)

Special Acknowledgment to The Art Foundation T.A.F. for their play description.

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