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article 1&2

Name/ Emblem/ Seal/ Office

article 3

Official language

article 4

Not for Profit

article 5

Representatives / Societies

article 6

Replacement of Representatives

article 7&8

Honorary Members

article 9

General Assembly of the Representatives

article 10

Administrative Board

article 11

Members of the Administrative Board

article 12

Responsibilities of Members of Administrative Board

article 13

Auditing Committee

article 14


article 15

Accounting Books and Records

article 16

Payment of Services

article 17

Fiscal Year Budget

article 18

Financial Resources

article 19

Official Celebrations

article 20

Specific Orders

article 21

Internal Rules

article 22&23

Cancellation/ Sanctions

Article 1 Name- Emblem- Seal- Home Office

1.1    The name of the Federation is “FEDERATION OF THE HELLENIC AMERICAN ORGANIZATIONS OF ILLINOIS”. The Federation is also more widely known as “THE ENOSIS” These names, «ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΚΛΗΡΟΝΟΜΙΑ» “GREEK HERITAGE and “ELLENIC HERITAGE” are legally registered with the State of Illinois and follow the name “ENOSIS”.

The Emblem of the Federation is the sun of Vergina and it is recommended to be used by all member organizations.

1.2    The Seal of the Federation is round. The sun of Vergina is depicted in the center of the seal and it is surrounded by two circles. The wording “FEDERATION OF HELLENIC AMERICAN ORGANIZATIONS OF ILLINOIS ENOSIS” appears on the outer circle. The phrases “HELLENIC HERITAGE” and «ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΚΛΗΡΟΝΙΜΙΑ» are written on the inner circle. Underneath the sun of Vergina is written; FOUNDED 1982.

1.3    The Federation’s Home Office is located in the Chicago Area. County of Cook, State of Illinois.

Article 2 Official Language

The official language to be used at the meetings and for any correspondence is either the Greek or the English language. In case of any discrepancy in the meaning of expressions, the English language will prevail.


Article 3 Goals

3.1     The goal of the ENOSIS is to coordinate the actions and the activities of its members, in order to effectively maintain, promote and enrich the Hellenic Heritage. In order to realize these goals, ENOSIS proceeds to the following actions:

3.1.1  Promotes the Hellenic (Greek) language education.

3.1.2 Organized and expedites the parade.

3.1.3        It hosts cultural events having its ultimate goal the maintenance of the heritage, the traditions and the Hellenic (Greek) language.

3.1.4        Supports the Hellenic Organizations that are members of the Federation.

3.1.5        Presents American Libraries with books and essays pertaining to Greek history and other specific national matters.

3.1.6        Oversees the tightening of the relationships between the Organizations of the Center to provide needed services to the Societies of the Hellenes abroad.

3.1.7        Organizes and carries out cultural events, like operas, musical recitals, book and art exhibitions and athletic events.

3.2          Ways of goal realization

3.2.1        By scheduling and by the honest management and selfless contribution of the Administrion Board and of the members of the Federation

3.2.2        By mutual respect and cooperation amongst the administration and the members.

3.2.3        By establishing committees to materialize the scheduled events.

3.2.4        By promoting the scheduled events through the media

3.2.5        By respecting and accurately applying these By Laws and the decisions of the General


Article 4 Assemblies of the Federation.

The Federation is an independent and not for profit Organization of the State of Illinois.

Article 5 Members- Representatives of Societies

5.1    Federation members are the first-degree organizations – ethic, professional, scientific, student, artists, athletic, cultural organizations- that are legally registered with the State of Illinois and are active Specifically these organizations should at least call one General Assembly and have one event per year. The membership fee of each of the organization’s representative is fifty (50) dollars per year and it is due by the 15th of February of each calendar year.

5.2   Each Organization – member of the Federation appoints its representatives and informs the Federation of this appointment by sending a document signed by the President and the General Secretary.

5.3   In order for an Organization to become member of the Federation it should at least have fifteen members. The Organizations – members of the Federation should submit a complete list of their members by the 15th of February of each calendar year, signed by their president and the general secretary of their Organization, this list should include the last name, the mailing address and the telephone number of each member.

5.4   Organizations whose membership does not exceed fifty (50) members, are participating in the federation with two (2) representatives. Organizations having 51 to 75 members are participation with three (3) representatives, while those whose members are in excess of 76 are participating with four (4) representatives.

5.5   In the event that a name list is not accurate, on account of a member having cancelled or moved, the Organization does not have the right to have more than two representatives.

5.6   The representative or representatives of each Organization, are appointed or elected by their body, for a period of two (2) years, unless the Organization has held an election and requests their replacement by means of a document signed by the President and the General Secretary. The time of service of the representatives elected to serve at the Administrative Board commences and expires at the time of each General Assembly.

5.7   Each Organization-member of the Federation must submit a name list of its representatives thiry (30) day prior to the commencement of the General Assembly and the Elections, signed by the President and the General Secretary, bearing all their data; namely, full name, mailing address and telephone number. In the event that the list is not submitted in a timely fashion, the organization has no right to participate in the General Assembly proceedings and the elections.

5.8    If any Organization registers as a member during the time period between Generl Assemblies, then the time of service of its representatives will be in effect until the next General Assembly’s election of officers of the Federation.

5.9   Replacement of an Organization’s representative, could take place whenever there are reasons for his her resignation, membership cancellation or if death occurs or he she is no longer a member of this Organization or if the Federation due to improper behavior has punished him her. In case of replacement of one or more of their representatives, the organizations-members are obligated to inform the Federation by correspondence signed by the president and the general secretary of the organization in question.

5.10  Political or religious organizations can not become members of the Federation.

5.11   Parishes or Hellenic communities have the right to become members of the Federation.

Article 6 Replacement of representatives

The Administrative Board (AB) of the Federation may request replacement of an organization’s representative whenever the representative

6.1    Reacts to the goals and endeavors of the Federation or sets up obstacles to the execution of the decisions of the proper officials. Whenever does not follow up the legal decision and acts contrary to them, to the terms of the bylaws and to the foals of the Federation. Finally, whenever the behavior and his her general conduct is incompatible with the dignity and the interests of the rest of the members of the Federation.

6.2   Whenever he she has not participated at three consecutive General Meetings, without any serious health reasons.

6.3   Whenever he she resigns.

Article 7 Honorary Members

Individuals who are proven to assist the goals of the Federation or who offer moral or material support are appointed as honorary members of the Federation

Article 8 General Assembly of the Representatives

8.1   The General Assembly is the executive level of the Federation where the entire number of the organization – member representatives participates.

8.2  Whenever the fifty percent (50%) plus one of the registered representatives whose dues are paid is present, it is considered to be a quorum.

8.3  The General Assembly is called twice (2) a year in regular meetings. Not scheduled General Assemblies could be called following a decision of the Administrative Board or a demand of the fifty percent (50%) of the representatives

8.4  Prior to the commencement of the General Assembly’s meeting members who have not paid their membership dues are allowed to pay then in order to participate.


Article 9 Elections

9.1    The General Assembly elects the cabinet members of the Assembly, which consists of the president, the secretary, and one member. Elections are set to be taken place every two years in the month of November or December of the calendar year.

9.2   The organizations- members must submit a name list of their representatives as this as this is set in article 5, paragraph 5.7

9.3   Organizations that are newly registered as members of the Federation could participate in the Assembly, if their registration has been concluded ninety calendar days prior to the Assembly.

9.4   The candidates for officers’ positions to the Administrative Board must be of Hellenic (Greek) descent. The Administrative board has the authority to postpone the elections – not for a longer time period than thirty (30) days – whenever the Administration finds that there are serious and specific reasons for such actions to be taken. The representatives have the right to seek election to the AB after they present the General Secretary with a written application, so that the legality of their status could be checked.

9.5   The applications to seek election for the elections of the Administrative Board are to be accepted by the General Secretary of the Federation until and including the first day of the Assembly.

9.6   The officers elect should be knowledgeable of both the Hellenic and the English languages.

9.7   The Election Committee consists of three (3) members and two (2) substitutes. All fice (5) of them must be members of the Federation, elected by the General Assembly, and with no right to seek election at the election process. The president of the Election Committee has the right of the deciding vote.

9.8   Any representative has the right to nominate and be nominated for any office. The voters have the right to vote for one nominee for each of the offices of the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer and for up to three members.

9.9   An organization representative may be elected to the same office of the AB only two times.


Article 10 Administrative Board

10.1    The Administrative Board of the Federation consists of thirteen (13) members, nine (9) of whom consist the executive committee of the Federation and four (4) of them are the members. The Administrative Board is elected by the General Assembly and its service time is for two (2) years.

10.2   The Administrative Board has the absolute responsibility of the Federation’s operation and administration.

10.3   The Administrative Board holds meetings at least once a month. Unscheduled meetings of the Administrative Board are taking place following such a decision of the President or following the demand of the majority of the members (at least 10) of the Administrative Board.

10.4   The subjects to be discussed at the meetings of the AB are selected both from the President and the General Secretary. The members of the Administrative Board have the right to add other subjects to the agenda, which are to be discussed at the following meeting in case there is not enough time.

10.5   The unexcused absence of members of the Administrative Board at three (3) consecutive meetings, or six (6) within a year, is automatically considered as resignation and the AB substitutes the resigned members with another should there be any, otherwise appoints the substitute according to the provision of paragraph 10.8 article 10.

10.6   The Administrative Board holds open or closed door meetings. Open door meetings are taking place following the agreement of the majority of the members of the AB. Representatives- members who are not members of the AB have the right to express their opinion but they have no right to vote.

10.7   The Administrative Board has the right to hire a specific Secretary should this become necessary.

10.8   In case of a vacancy at the AB, this vacancy is fulfilled by the first substitute. If there is no substitute, then the Administrative Board undertakes that responsibility to appoint someone to fill the vacancy and gain the approval of the 2/3 of the quorum of the Administrative Board.

10.9   In case of resignation or decline of the Administrative Board, the Board the General Assembly in an unscheduled meeting elects a seven member Committee. The Committee’s main project is the expedition of the ongoing business of the Federation and to hold elections within a time of sixty (60 days after the resignation or decline.

10.10  Im case the office of the President vacates, then the A’ Vice president becomes the President for the remainder of the time of service of the AB. In case he resigns, then the B’ Vice president becomes President. In case he also resigns, then the General Assembly during an unscheduled meeting, appoints a 7-member committee for the expedition of the ongoing business of the Federation and to hold elections within a time frame of sixty (60) days.


Article 11 Members of the Administrative Board

11.1     Members of the Administrative Board are the President, the A’ Vice President the B’ Vice President, the C’ Vice President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Treasurer’s Assistant and four (4) Board Members.

11.2    The time of service of the Administrative Board is two years and commences and expires at the time of the Assembly. Every member of the Administrative Board remains at the office for which he was elected. In case of resignation, cancellation or death, the AB appoints its successor. For a member to be replaced, the approval of the majority (2/3) of the members of the AB is needed. If this process does not succeed, then the elections are repeated and the majority of 50 percent (50%) +1 is needed.


Article 12 Responsibilities of the Members of the Administrative Board

12.1    The president is presiding during all the meetings and carries the responsibilities of the office of the President. The President is the CEO of the Federation. He she represents the Federation at all the civil, municipal and federal authorities, he she cosigns along with the General Secretary all the documents of the Federation and does so with the Treasurer for all the checks.

12.2   The A’ Vice President assists the President for the expedition of any administrative matters, the organization and the execution of the responsibilities assigned by him. He also undertakes the responsibilities of the President whenever he is absent.

12.3   The B’ Vice President is responsible for public relations

12.4   The C’ Vice President for the enrollment of new members to the Federation

12.5   The roles of the Vice Presidents are to assist the President at the execution of his responsibilities and to execute the responsibilities given to them by the General Assembly.

12.6   The General Secretary oversees the minutes and Correspondence Secretaries and he is the keeper of the Seal and the files, which will remain in the office of the Federation. He keeps the address list of the member-organizations and that of their Representatives-members. He also exercises the duties arriving from the position of the General Secretary, as well as the ones that entrusted to hum by the President, the AB or the General Assembly. Finally, signs the checks alon with the President and the Treasurer.

12.7   The Secretary of Special Tasks is a paid position and he undertakes the expediting of the duties entrusted to him by the President.

12.8   The Minutes Secretary records the moves and the voted for decisions of the AB and the scheduled or unscheduled General Assemblies. Voting on a specific move is following the conclusion of discussion of every matter. The move and the voting results are getting recorded in the minutes, as do the names of the individuals who made the move. The moves that were not voted for are also recorded in the minutes. Expressed thoughts of members that may become useful to the Federation in the future do also get recorded if they think it is material and useful. The Minutes Secretary also reads the minutes of the last meeting and after the quorum approves them, he signs them along with the President of the Federation. He collaborates with the General Secretary.

12.9   The Treasurer is the finances manager of the Federation. He makes deposits on behalf of the Federation in a Bank that is named by the Administrative Board. He has the absolute control of all the assets, and he is responsible to settle all the financial obligations of the Federation. The Treasurer is obligated to make sure that the internal regulations regarding the economic obligations of the Federation are followed exactly. He keeps accurate accounting books so that the assets and obligations, income and expenditures of the organization are clear and obvious. Every two years the Auditing Committee audits the books. The Treasurer must also be experts in accounting programs and be able to use electronic media with ease. Finally, in collaboration with the assistant treasurer he prepares the financial data of the Federation to be given to the certified public accountant, he signs all checks, issued by the AB and he exercises his duties following the instructions of the President.

12.10       The assistant Treasurer should also be knowledgeable of the accounting programs and to collaborate with the Treasurer for the preparation of the financial statement and of the economic budget of the Federation.

               1.   a)  In case of the General Secretary’s resignation or death, his duties will be undertaken by the Correspondence Secretary, until his successor is appointed by the AB as this is stated in Article 11, paragraph 11.2

 2.   b)  In case of the General Treasurer’s resignation or death, his duties wil be undertaken by the Assistant Treasurer, until his successor is appointed by the AB as this is stated in article 11, paragraph 11.2


Article 13 Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee consists of three (3) representatives elected by the General Assembly during the elections process of the AB. The Auditing Committee’s purpose is to examine the Treasurer’s books one week prior to the elections and to draw up a report, which is submitted to the Examining Committee.


Article 14 Committee

14.1     The President of the Federation proposes the assembling of Committees whenever the needs of the Federation determine such an action and he assigns them authorities and a sphere of responsibility. The AB of the Federation appoints the President of each committee and he appoints the 5 or 7 members of his committees. The Committees are reporting exclusively to the AB. None of the Committees has the right to public announcement, without the approval of the AB or the General Assembly, as each case may pertain.

14.2    The Committees are either permanent or temporary:

a) of Shows – Celebrations and National Parade, b) National Matters c) Education d) Youth e) Hellenic Center (Library – Center of Hellenic Studies f) Finances g) Philanthropic h0 Female Matters i) New Members j) Public Relations ja) disciplinary jb) a Committee whose authority is to collect the funds and purchase a building in order to create a Hellenic Cultural Center and je) of Olympic Games.

Article 15 Accounting Books and Records

The Federation entrusts its accounting books to a certified accountant. The Records and the minutes from the meetings of the AB, the GA and their Committees must be kept in the Federation’s head office.

Article 16 Payment of Services

There is no payment provision for any elected representative. All services rendered by the Representatives and the members of the AB are provided gratis, which is no financial or any other material repayment.

Article 17 Fiscal Year Budget

The Federation’s Budget is approved by the General Assembly following the move by the AB.


Article 18 Financial Resources

The Federation’s Financial Resources derive from the membership fees paid by the member societies and by their member representatives. The Administration Board may accept on behalf of the Federation any offer, grant, inheritance, or object which will benefit the general or specific goals of the Federation.

Article 19 Official Celebrations (Holidays) and Shows

The Federation is observing the following holidays

  • March 25th the anniversary of the 1821 Uprising

  • 4th of July anniversary of the American Uprising of 1776

  • October 28th. OXI (NO) anniversary of 1940

  • Organizes the Hellenic Parade (on Sunday prior to March 25th)

  • Every November hold its annual Dinner Dance

  • Organizes a two-day Conference for all the Hellenes abroad, which includes several shows and prior to the commencement of the conference oversees the elections.


Article 20 Specific Orders

20.1      Any monetary obligation deriving from scheduled or other events of the AB or of the GA is paid by the President and the Treasurer or by the General Secretary and the Treasurer by a check signed by the two (2) out of three (3) named officials.

20.2      In urgent situations, and only then, obligations amounting up to $500.00 could be paid off by the approval of the President, the Treasurer, and the General Secretary. For payments of amounts from $1,000.00 to $5,00.00 dollars, the approval of the Administration Board is mandatory, while for amounts exceeding the $5,000.00 dollars it is mandatory to have the approval of the General Assembly.


Article 21 Internal Rules (Conference-Elections)

21.1      The Treasurer of the General Assembly and the General Secretary are responsible to timely notify the Organizations-members for the payment of their annual dues, which are payable no later than February 15th of each year.

21.2      The General Secretary is obligated to send notification to the societies-members of the Federation -should they be active or non-active – detailed acknowledgments regarding the Conference proceedings forty (40) days prior to the commencement of the Conference.

21.3      The Societies are obligated to bring forward their credentials along with complete data of their representatives, thirty (30) days prior to the Conference commencement.

21.4      Each Society-member has the right to participate with the maximum of four (4) representatives (see article 5 paragraph 5.4)

21.5      The representatives only exercise the right of voting and being voted.

21.6      The President of Enosis is obligated to appoint a three-member credentials committee thirty (30) days prior to the Conference commencement.

            a)         The committee’s job is to check the credentials of each society and those of its representatives, in order to secure the normalcy of the Conference.

            b)         The committee is obligated to produce the results of this check-in writing at the commencement of the Conference.

            c)         Finally, it is obligated to hand all the credentials to the board.

21.7      The proceeding of the Conference are expedited by the board, which is elected by the conference participants upon the commencement of the Conference (The board is the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary). Anyone or more than one members of the board have the right to resign immediately prior to the commencement of the Conference process, if they have been nominated for election to the Administrative Board of the Federation. The President of the Conference appoints a three (3) member security committee for the normalcy of the process.

21.8      The President of the Conference is liable for the credentials of the applications of each Society and its representatives, which he accepts from the credentials committee.

21.9      At the end of each day, the minutes Secretary of the Conference is obligated to give all the minutes to the President of the Conference.

21.10    The Secretaries and the treasurers of the federation, following their reports, are obligated to give all they have in their possession to the Conference Board.

21.11    The Conference participants in secret voting do the election of the nominated individuals to the offices of the Administrative Board, even when the nominated party has no opponent.

21.12    The President of the Conference announces the election results and he submits all the documents he possesses to the newly elected board.


Article 22 Membership Cancellation

The Administrative Board has the right to cancel the membership of a member who has committed breach of discipline.

Article 23 Offenses to be disciplined and sanctions


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