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Members of the ENOSIS Federation, thank all who have shown their support to make the Chicago Greek Independence Day Parade a successful one. The effort put in by the members and volunteers from numerous Greek organizations, schools, clubs and fraternities is greatly appreciated. The Chicago Greek Independence Day parade is an opportunity for all Greeks to unite under one banner, in remembrance of those who fought for our independence. This is the time to give younger generations a reason to feel proud of their heritage. To organize such an event, we must raise a substantial amount of money to cover the costs. These include permit fees, stages, barricades, sound equipment and technicians, etc. We offer everyone; businesses, organization, and families alike, the opportunity to become sponsors.

The Federation of Hellenic American Organizations of Illinois (a.k.a Enosis) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), making your generous contribution tax deductible. We thank you for your support in advance and look forward to seeing on April 30th 2017.


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Parade Rules
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