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Forms & General Info

City of Chicago Compliance Rules:

  • The parade will begin promptly at 2:30 pm. All groups shall arrive one and a half (1 1/2) hours before the parade begins so there is the proper check from the parade committee.

  • The parade will go on rain or shine.

  • No stopping or loitering

  • No use of fireworks or firearms.

  • Everyone marching should wear formal attire suitable for this ethnic celebration.

  • Marchers must march in formation of three (3) lines (special emphasis on schools).

  • No visual aides with profane &/or discriminating language must be visible.

  • No throwing of candy or anything else off the floats, however you may have walkers hand it out.

  • No jumping off the floats while they are in motion or at any time during parade route.

  • Dances or acts must have been approved prior to the parade on the day of the drawing.

  • Strollers (for children) are prohibited

  • No animals marching.

  • No personal vehicles that have not been approved by Enosis (city permit/ authorization required)

  • No improper or profane behavior.

  • The parade assembly and disbanding areas are closed to the public. Only parade participants and staff will be allowed. Family and friends are asked to congregate along the parade route.

  • Parade entries must line up in the spot they are assigned. Marchers will have to follow the order and the distance between each group that is parading that is stated by the parade committee.

Registration Fees and Donations:

  • If you are a marching group we ask that you make a donation between $100 - $300

  • Floats $1200.00

  • If you are a Hera or Poseidon sponsor your marching group donation is waived

  • All fees or donations are non-refundable

  • All checks can be made payable to ENOSIS

  • For credit card payments, please contact the Enosis office at 847-635-9217

Sign Up Procedure:

  • Complete the Parade entry form and email to or fax 847-635-9223

  • Complete the Message & History Form and email to or fax 847.635.9223

  • The drawing of the parade line-up will be held on 4/7/17

  • The line up on Sunday April 30th, will begin at 12:30 pm. All participants must situated at their unit between Randolph, Halsted and Ogden St. A map will be sent to you with your lot number and a detailed location.

  • All participants must be in their position no later than 1:45 pm. The parade will start promptly at 2:30 pm

Parade Rules
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